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Who We Are
CorTek is a next generation building component manufacturing company. We believe in a future of construction where much of the dangerous and labor intensive field work is replaced by safe and fast assembly of customized building modules that are built off-site by a skilled work force in a controlled environment set up for quality and efficiency. We believe this model of construction results in beautiful, less resource intensive buildings that give project owners more value for their investment.

Our service core construction system is an example of how this method of construction is already transforming the construction methodologies of today. Our CorTek core system is a faster, cost competitive and higher quality method of building a service core that is revolutionizing the way these structures are constructed.

CorTek celebrates the art and craftsmanship of building. Our dedicated steel fabrication division specializes in architectural metals and thrives on challenging design. We enjoy architecture and take pride in the abilities of our steel craftsman to bring reality from design.


Core Construction Systems
Our service core construction systems is a faster, less expensive, safer, and higher quality alternative to conventional cast-in-place, pre-cast and masonry methods of core construction. more information...

Metal Fabrication
CorTek’s metal fabrication division is specialized in architectural metals and light to medium sized structural steel jobs. more information...

Projects Gallery

Taxi II Development

Taxi II Development,
Denver CO

Cargill Ethanol Distillation Plant

Cargill Ethanol Distillation Plant
Blair NE

Limelight Lodge

Limelight Lodge,
Aspen CO

One Steamboat Place

One Steamboat Place
Steamboat Springs CO

Monarch Residence

Monarch Residence
Monarch CO